Mediation and Impasse Resolution

The Spirit and Skills of Negotiation” or “Managers as Negotiators, Mediators, and Things Like That” is a required prerequisite to this course.

Upon completion of this course, all participants will have acquired theory and skills for practical applications in the resolution of conflict while serving officially and/or informally in the role capacities as impartial mediators or as impartial hearing officers. Participants will:

  • Acquire a working knowledge of the causes of impasse as well as why disputants are or are not receptive to mediation efforts.
  • Acquire skills necessary for both entry into and extrication from disputes.
  • Acquire skills in performing all the various role functions of serving as mediator or impartial hearing officer — officially and informally.
  • Understand the obstacles to communication on the part of disputants and the mediator or hearing officer.
  • Acquire skills needed to facilitate and to administer the process in a manner which the disputants perceive as equitable and impartial: convening the meeting, commencing procedural agreement building, managing ventilation, conducting a fact-finding approach, participating in caucuses, performing reality testing, developing viable options, expending resources, and acquiring closure.
  • Acquire skills as to how to convene and to conduct caucuses or private sessions.
  • Acquire skills as to how to develop creative options.
  • Acquire skills as to how to gain closure on practical and durable settlement agreements to reduce the likelihood of conflict aftermath.
  • Acquire skills as to how to employ mediation techniques informally - even when acting as an advocate negotiator.
  • Acquire a working knowledge of and adherence to professional ethics.