Training and Education

The Lincoln Institute provides skills-training courses in the theory, processes, and skills of:

  • Dispute prevention, management, and resolution
  • Collaborative planning and cooperative problem solving
  • Negotiation and mediation theories, processes, and skills
  • Cross-cultural communication and competency
  • Negotiation and process coaching for managers

We develop training program curricula and exercises to meet the particular needs, culture, and situation of the client. Past clients have included universities, corporations, special interest groups, government agencies, and grass-roots organizations.

Course Offerings

Managers as Negotiators, Mediators, and Things Like That: The Daily Functions of Effective Management

A two- or three-day course which emphasizes attitude, skill competency, cooperation, responsibility, and style.
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In Pursuit of Promises: The Spirit and Skills of Negotiation

Results on which we can all rely.
A two- or three-day course for department, division, team leaders, and teams which emphasizes attitude, skill competency, style, closure, follow through, and mutual accountability.
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Cross-Cultural Communications and Competency

A two day interactive comprehensive examination of principles, policies, practices, and perceptions which are pertinent to participants, i.e., gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation and /or preference, physical challenges, age, job classification stratifications, etc.
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* Negotiating Under Stress: How to Prevent Tough Situations from Becoming Worse

A two-day course in learning how to be calm and effective when confronted by complex scenarios, time pressures, and difficult persons while attempting to prevent, manage and resolve dysfunctional conflicts.

* Lying and Negotiating: Distinguishing the Difference

A one day course in ethics and its application in a variety of circumstances as a means to establish a functional culture and a true image of integrity.

* Currently under development.