Direct Intervention Services

Whom did they call when…?


The Lincoln Institute assists parties in the comprehensive review of complex discrepancies and disagreements. Assessment may include:

  • Objective fact finding, with or without recommendations
  • Identifying and evaluating the consequences of a protracted conflict or actual impasse
  • Appraisal of likely acceptability of predetermined proposals and settlement ranges
  • Planning an approach, including team composition, strategies and tactics

Assessments can serve as useful instruments of resolution in and of themselves.


TLI lends its “good offices,” competencies, and reputation in convening disputing parties who are resistant to meeting one another. The process of allowing parties to convene is sometimes enough to motivate parties to proceed willingly without further involvement.

Negotiation / Collaborative Planning and Cooperative Problem Solving

TLI provides direct involvement with advocate parties either at the negotiation table or by being accessible in private caucus separate from the actual negotiation. TLI involvement provides guidance to the party to ensure that the process is efficiently structured, focused, and assertive while also stimulating collaborative planning and cooperative problem solving to attain fair, practical and durable solutions.


TLI acts as an impartial party, guiding the process and assisting disputants in resolving their differences. TLI mediators work with parties to develop what they themselves determine to be fair, realistic, and lasting agreements.