2009 — “An 85 Percent Settlement Rate and a 91 Percent Compliance Rate: But What Happened to the Rest, and Why?”
[W. Lincoln et al] as 4th chapter in Building Peace: Practical Reflections From the Field [Edited by C. Zelizer & R. Rubinstein ] [Stylus/Kumarian Press, West Hartford, CT]

2007 — In Pursuit of Promises: The Spirit and Skills of Negotiations
(course manual) [W. Lincoln.] / self published

2005 — Creative Problem Solver’s Handbook for Negotiators and Mediators, Volume Two
John W. Cooley [American Bar Association Section on Dispute Resolution]; contains real life examples of Lincoln’s practice.

2004 — You Are Our Negotiator: Hanford Site Negotiation Primer
[W. Lincoln] US Department of Energy RE: nuclear cleanup at Hanford-Richland Nuclear Reservation Site.

1999 — Programa Centro Americano Para La Sostenibilidad Democratica [PROCESOS]
[W. Lincoln] cultural pertinent and topically applicable negotiation training manual validated in special program by eighty participating representatives from six Central American nations

1983 — Basic Principles of Negotiations and Mediation: An Introduction to Conflict Resolution for Community Mental Health Workers
[W. Lincoln/N. Huelsberg/P. McMahon, National Institute of Mental Health.

1976 — Mediation: A Transferable Process for the Prevention and Resolution of Racial Conflict In Public Secondary Schools
[W. Lincoln] HEWNIE grant (NIlE-P-76-0155]

1975 — Impartial Intervention into Community Conflicts
by Rip/Lincoln; American Arbitration Association.

1974 — “Multiplicity and Complexity of Prison Mediation”
[W. Lincoln] paper presented at Annual Meeting Proceedings of the Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution [SPIDR].

1971 — Journey Toward Renewal
[W. Lincoln/W. Nelson] (Judson Press). A five- year account of a broad ecumenical social action program in conjunction with grass root organizations in the Brown Square area of Rochester New York