Our Work

Conflict is expensive.
Talk is cheap.
So, let’s talk.

What We Do

The Lincoln Institute is staffed by accomplished practitioners, skills trainers, coaches, negotiators, and mediators. We are a team with a mission to help your business or agency transform crises into manageable disputes that can be equitably and rationally resolved.

Our Approach

Our conflict prevention and resolution process is based on decades of experience in skills-training, negotiation, mediation, and formal international peacemaking, by using methods that have proven their effectiveness time and again. Our approach teaches people to work better through the pertinent application of practical tools.

Our work may begin with a comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective diagnosis to understand your organization - to learn about your specific philosophies, policies, practices, and needs. We meet with people, listen, ask questions, and listen some more. In order to achieve results, we strive to understand the roots of your problem.

Once the investigative process is completed, we work with you to develop customized skills-training programs, coaching services, and evaluation processes to help you meet your goals.

Our approach isn’t novel, but the scope, depth, intensity, and efficiency we bring certainly is.

Collaboration for the Long Term

At TLI, we don’t do things for you - we do things with you. Together, we will tailor solutions that fit your actual problems, not a consultant’s preconceived idea about your problems. The approaches that you implement will be your own: you will help design them, and you will understand them. Most importantly, you will own the knowledge and skills capacity you acquire over the course of our collaboration, and will continue to apply them long after we’ve gone home.

Find Out More

Read about our successes, or find out more about our skills-training workshops and direct consultation services. If you’re ready to take the next step, contact us today.