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Founder and President

William F. Lincoln

William F. Lincoln

Bill is an internationally recognized practitioner of negotiations, mediated negotiations, and process coaching as well as a teacher and trainer. Through TLI, Bill has expanded his practice to enhancing a culture of cooperation to corporations and other large organizations.

Bill has served on the faculty of Harvard University and as a long-term adjunct faculty member at the Federal Executive Institute [FEI] (1986 - 1995, 2004 - present). He is currently Senior Lecturer at the Center for Executive Education at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey.
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TLI USA Associates

TLI has contract associates in several countries. These team members have a wide array of specialties and give TLI global reach and experience.

Bruce Johnsen

BS Civil Engineering, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
MS Computer Systems Management, Naval Postgraduate School
MA Counseling, Santa Clara University

Bruce is a certified mediator specializing in facilitation, mediation and executive coaching in communication and leadership. He provides these services for closely held businesses in the United States with a focus on family succession planning and dispute resolution. Bruce’s international work with TLI and its predecessor CRI includes development and training in collaborative negotiations and cooperative problem solving in countries such as Guatemala, Costa Rica, Cuba, Haiti, Poland and Russia. In 2010-2011 Bruce co-facilitated/mediated ‘Friends of the Chair’ / Codex Alimentarius Commission [part of UN / Food and Agriculture Organization] efforts to resolve a contentious dispute regarding the drug ractopamine — sessions held in Mexico City, Brussels, Beijing and Geneva.

Earlier experiences as a Naval officer, aerospace engineer and concrete finisher add richness to Bruce’s ability to work with a wide range of clients.

Bruce lives with wife Martha in Monterey, California and when not working he is committed each week to play a few games of tennis, ride his bicycle, plus climb a mountain and go fishing when possible. Martha gardens and adds balance to the family.

Polly Davis

BS Political Science, University of Oregon

Polly, an Assistant Program Manager with the Seattle-based King County Alternative Dispute Resolution Program, is a mediator, negotiator and trainer. During her 20 years as a mediator she has worked with the Northwest Institute for Restorative Justice; the King, Snohomish and Pierce County Dispute Resolution Centers; and the Conflict Resolution, Research and Resource Institute (CRI), a forerunner of TLI.

A specialist in the prevention, management and resolution of conflict with more than 20 years of experience working both nationally and internationally in the community, NGOs, environmental, and governmental sectors in the areas of human rights and conflict resolution, Polly also develops and trains on culturally pertinent and topical curricula, and coaches people involved in interpersonal conflicts. Polly has mediated several environmental disputes including Puget Sound Oil Risk Management, ASARCO clean up, and Trendwest destination resort in Roslyn Washington. She has also conducted customized capacity–building skills trainings with Group Health, Starbucks, Boeing, and Microsoft.

In 2010 in Paris Polly provided training in negotiation and quasi-mediation techniques for the Committee Chairs of the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC), the global international food standards-setting body [a joint agency of the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) / the World Health Organization (WHO)] that could be applicable for usage by international delegates in specific topical working groups.

Polly has also conducted conflict prevention, management and resolution services in Russia, Cuba, Poland, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Sudan and Afghanistan.

Polly enjoys entertaining in her home, working with community groups, reading the New Yorker magazine and the Sunday New York Times as well as taking long walks with her husband Don, and playing fetch with her daughter Emma and dog Gus.

Robert ‘Bob’ Barry

BA University Studies, University of New Mexico
MS Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of New Mexico
ND, Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, Bastyr University

Bob has a background as an aerospace engineer, small business owner, family physician, and mediation and negotiation trainer. He has worked domestically and internationally in both the private and public sectors.

His international involvements include countries such as Poland, Russia, Afghanistan, Sudan and Cuba. He has assisted in trainings in the State of Washington Career Executive Programs, Veterans Administration Leadership Programs, Group Health and Microsoft. He also owns a construction company that focuses on custom design and building.

Bob lives on an urban homestead just south of Seattle with his wife and life partner Nancy. They have two grown children, an amazing garden, 11 grown hens, 4 beehives, 10 very large rain barrels (165 gal.), a whole load of great family and friends, and they look forward to having grandchildren.

Dawn Hooper

BS Marine Ecology, Huxley College of Western Washington University

With a background in marine biology and environmental science, Dawn Hooper has over 25 years experience in exercising her skills in stakeholder engagement and conflict resolution working for the Washington State Department of Ecology. She was a founding member of the Conflict Resolution, Research and Resource Institute (CRI) – a forerunner of TLI - and served as Board President followed by 10 years as Deputy Director.

Dawn also served as Deputy Director for the St. Petersburg based Russian-American Program on Conflictology, and is a current member of the Board. Her international experience includes significant work and accomplishments in Russia where in 2009 she was granted a special award for being one of two foreigners who have contributed the most to advancing ‘conflictology’ in Russia. Dawn has also worked Canada, Poland, Cuba, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Dawn lives in Olympia WA with husband Thom with whom she hikes, kayaks and keeps the yard’s garden in shape — and then does her yoga alone.

Seth Kane

BA Human Biology, Brown University
MA International Relations, SAIS Johns Hopkins University

Seth has worked on international conflict issues with the Carter Center’s Conflict Resolution Program and at the Conflict Resolution, Research and Resource Institute (CRI), a forerunner of TLI. His work at these institutes included projects in Nepal, Sudan, Egypt, and Afghanistan. He has served as an active community mediator in Rhode Island and Washington State, and helped conduct negotiations and mediation trainings for a range of state agencies. Seth has worked on community development projects and migrant issues on Thailand’s border with Burma and was recently a research fellow looking at the political conflict in Thailand. He consults on a range of issues affecting the Southeast Asia region and is currently a lecturer in the department of International Relations and Development at Rangsit International College. Seth enjoys swimming at night, playing tennis and incredibly hot food.

Jon Townsend

BA, Portland State University
MA Psychology, Sonoma State University

Jon, a member of the Muscogee (Creek) Indian Nation, has 36 years of experience as a mediator. He co-founded and teaches the mediation, negotiation and cross-cultural courses at Sonoma State University. Most recently, in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008, Jon trained English mediators for England’s largest community-based mediation program in beginning and advanced mediation and advanced negotiation. He provided intermediate and advanced mediation training for German mediators in Hamburg in 2010. In 2011 he was the co-facilitator for the Department of Interior’s Government-to-Government Tribal Consultation Team (TCT). The team was composed of 25 Tribal Leaders and 25 Federal Officials who are charged with developing Department of Interior’s Government-to-Government Umbrella policy on consultation. He is currently working with three Alaskan Native Villages in preparation for 2012 negotiations, and with the Department of Defense and the Coast Guard on developing Government-to-Government best practices, as well as with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Tribal Sovereigns on issues of environmental and governance concerns.

Jon has also worked in several nations with the Conflict Resolution, Research and Resource Institute (CRI) – a forerunner of TLI — Russia, Poland, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Cuba.

Jon lives with his wife, tribal judge, Suzanne Ojibway Townsend, in the Portland, Oregon area, and whenever possible, they spend their time at their house on the Oregon Coast.

Robert ‘Skip’ Robinson

BA English, University of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana)
Ph.D. Clinical, Humanistic, and Transpersonal Psychology, Saybrook University (San Francisco)

Skip has mediated, negotiated, taught, consulted, and written in a variety of disciplines. He’s taught psychology and conflict resolution at Sonoma State University and interest-based conflict resolution internationally with NCA and CRI; consulted on questions of health/systems/conflict resolution/organizational development primarily with large public jurisdictions (cities, counties, and school districts), non-profits, and law firms. Skip has conducted negotiation and collaborative problem-solving trainings for several countries, including Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, Russia, Cuba, and Poland and collaborative health system design and development for the Tibetan Government in exile.

Skip enjoys life in the Bay Area (Sonoma County), California, where he teaches part-time at Sonoma State University; and spare time finds him reading, doing nature photography, and writing and publishing essays and poetry.