About The Lincoln Institute

Our work

The Lincoln Institute’s mission is to help strengthen organizations. We provide specialized training in negotiations/collaborative planning and cooperative problem solving, process coaching for managers, and direct consultations for the prevention, management, and resolution of conflict.
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Our experience

The Lincoln Institute has decades of experience working to help businesses and agencies address their challenges. TLI is known for effectively diffusing and transforming challenges and crises into manageable dispute modes that can be resolved equitably, rationally, and durably. Our training and coaching record is highly respected in both the private and public sectors, and we’ve got the records, awards, and unsolicited testimonials to prove it.
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Our people

The Lincoln Institute is a company of friends and colleagues operating in a culture built around the principles we believe in and advocate. We are accomplished practitioners of mediation and negotiation. We’re proud to practice what we preach, to walk the talk together.
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Our partners

Our partners help us identify arenas that will benefit from our involvement; help us establish appropriate points of entry; help us to ensure our approach is topically applicable and culturally pertinent; and most importantly our partners add weight and impact to our work so that we will be of even greater assistance in whatever arenas we find ourselves.
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